Amanda Latona IFBB Muscle Girl Photos

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I don’t normally get this excited about fitness models but Amanda Latona is one of the hottest IFBB fitness pro models I’ve ever seen in my entire life! In fact, she might be the best fitness model on the face of this earth and she’s definitely a Shemuscle girl that I’d love to workout nude with. She’s won a significant number of female bodybuilding shows and is definitely an amazing trainer.  Here is a portfolio of some of her hottest Shemuscle photos, many of which she’s taken herself. I absolutely love Amanda Latona!

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Black Female Bodybuilder Naked Showing Her Big Clit

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This black female bodybuilder is named Yvette Bova and she’s got enormous tits and a huge clit to make her an all around amazing package. She came to the Shemuscle gym the other day to do a photoshoot with us. It’s kinda funny because I was searching a few adult dating sites looking for a muscle girl like her to fuck. The good news is that I found a great website for this. You can find meet black women like her at and the shemuscle girls on the site are willing to fuck. Yvette Bova also made a big black dildo disappear when we had her in the gym. She works out so damn hard and it takes a real man with a big dig to please this female muscle sweetheart! I’d fuck her in a second if given the chance!

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Shemuscle Devon Michaels Live on Cam

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Devon Michaels is one of the hottest muscle girls on this planet and she loves nothing more than showing her beautiful long pussy lips on webcam! Have you ever seen a female bodybuilders pussy lips and clit? Well, if they are anything like Devon Michaels then you are going to just love em! Devon is also one of the hottest Shemuscle girls that we have filmed working out. If you’re interested in seeing her videos then check out her female muscle videos today! If you want to chat live then check out the Devon Michaels Live site now!

Shemuscle Skylar Likes Sex

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Skylar is one sexy babe with muscles in all the right places. She is one of the she muscle girls that really has it all. She is beautiful and has a body to die for. Unfortunately she has a boyfriend, but lucky for us she is eager to show him what she has and in turn we get to see it too! Those firm perky tits with those delectable nipples and that washboard tummy with those long muscular legs that lead up to her tight firm ass. She loves flexing her muscles and if her boyfriend isn’t careful he may the spanking of his life!

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Hot Shemuscle Girls on Video

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Their thighs are toned and tight enough to pull their lovers deeper into their bare wet pussies. These are ladies that take the time to work out and can wear what they want. They love to pose and show the definition of their muscles. They know they are always horny from working out so much. They love to show their round asses and how hard their nipples get. As soon as they get a chance to strip and fuck, they are happy to become the aggressor. These ladies can take a hardcore fucking like no other ladies. They need it hard.
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Hot Italian Muscle Girl

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Who doesn’t like a Hot Italian? It’s especially hard not to love this Hot Italian, with her incredibly ripped body. She loves to show off her pecs legs and biceps, all bulging with perfection under the weight of her weight set. She does a few reps before losing the top and showing off her round tits, flexing those guns alongside to show she really is in the best shape she could be. Just looking at her own muscular frame inspires her to take off her tiny black panties and finger her hard pussy for whoever wants to watch.

IFBB Michelle Falsetta Porn

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Michelle Falsetta is a female body builder who is proud of the fact that she is a woman in the field and loves showing off her sculpted feminine body. She shows up to the gym in a mesh bikini top that shows her rock hard brown nipples and tits, not caring who sees the work of art that is her body. She throws her hands above her head and stretches, making sure to move slowly so everyone can see her perfect form. She struts over to the barbells and begins to do rep after rep, adding more and more weight to show that this beautiful blonde body builder is worth the weight.

She Muscle Bombshell

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Blonde bombshell MuscleBombshell truly lives up to her name, with her incredibly built body and hot, hot, hot face! This lady is a true package and she wants to show you exactly how hard she can make you with one look at her incredibly hard body. She invites you into her room in nothing but a tiny bikini that barely covers her massive tits, holding those muscle clad tatas together in the most precarious way, making the mouthwatering begin instantly. She flexes her huge arm muscles, showing how sculpted her perfect body is, before removing the bikini to show it all free of clothes and in the flesh.

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Rachel at She Muscle

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Pierced and tatted hottie Rachel is hitting the gym today to work on her already incredibly sculpted body. This hot body builder has a tattoo on her hip bone, a pierced belly button and pierced nipples and loves to stay in shape so she has no shame showing it all off. From her incredibly large and defined breasts to her glorious ass she is the essence of bodily perfection and she knows it. She works out her guns topless, letting her tits move up and down with every rep as you watch this work of perfection make herself just that much better. As she sweats she loses what little clothing she has on and you will not want to miss seeing where else she has got tattoos.

Shemuscle Rachel

Shemuscle Skylar Flexing

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Incredibly sculpted and amazingly hot cheerleader Skylar wants to be the best cheerleader possible so she spends hours a day toning and perfecting her incredible physique. Today she is flexing in the nude outside of her garage, practicing her favorite cheer moves and holding the poses all without her top, her perfect tits hanging against her sculpted body equally stunningly. This built lady has team spirit out the wazoo and can’t wait to show you, sans her cute little cheerleading uniform, though she looks just as good wearing it, thanks to her incredible dedication to perfecting her hot body.

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