Black Female Shemuscle Yvette Bova

yvette bova shemuscle

Yvette Bova is the kind of delicious dark chocolate that just doesn’t melt, even though she’s hot as hell.  Her huge biceps practically bulge right out of her pretty ebony skin, and her massive and magnificent tits definitely burst out of her workout halter as she stretches and strains to show off every ripple and vein of her positively sick chest and flared cobra back.  Her thighs are like black granite, and we’re betting she could smash walnuts between her glutes.   Yvette’s vascular arms and core undulate with power and sex, and you’ll be astounded with each pose being more eye popping than the last.

Shemuscle Yvette Bova

Jennifer Chamberlin at Shemuscle

jennifer chamberlin

Jennifer Chamberlin reminds us a bit of that hot chick on the X Files, only totally ripped and not hidden under a dark suit.  With that auburn hair, sparkling eyes, Jennifer comes to us in a delicious haze of feminine power and commanding mystique.  Watch her tanned, silky skin stretch over her artfully defined muscles and her contoured six pack accented with a pierced navel undulate in her pretty black, thong.  And that smooth, gorgeous ass is just as mouth watering as those glorious tits.  Jennifer stars in a special show you’ll want to watch over and over again!

Super Fit Yoga Babe Larissa Reis

larissa reis
Larissa Reis has the drive of an athletic beast wrapped up in the body of a truly gorgeous woman. Larissa starts with a brisk run on a serene mountain road in a neon bikini, and follows it up with a yoga routine worthy of a bruise when your jaw hits the floor when you watch it. Watch her do crazy flexible yoga poses and stretches against a mountain backdrop as beautiful as she is. She poses, stretches, and extends her drop dead body to show off her perfectly sculpted biceps, triceps, abs, thighs and glutes. Keep up the good work, Larissa!

Larissa Reiss

Sexy Muscle Girl Carla

she msucle carla

Carla invites you to smack her rock hard ass in this white hot video.  Watch this rock hard honey bend over and compel you to join her in slapping her insanely toned glutes.  Carla is a vision of feminine power as her built up muscles bulge out of her pretty green and black lingerie.  She turns around to show off her rippled cobra back and nipped little waist under her swishing mane of dark hair, and then gives you an eyeful of her ridiculously powerful thighs and chiseled calves.  She poses and flexes that tatted and shredded body just for you.

She Muscle Carla

Bodybuilder Ironfire Topless Workout

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Ironfire is red hot, and ready to share her insane heat with you.  Watch her long blonde hair brush against her shredded shoulders as she expertly poses and flexes in the gym to give you a very private show.  You won’t believe the power and size of those powerful pecs, flared lats, and bulging biceps.  She even has muscles in those gorgeous tits, which she shows off in an amazing display of muscular ability, agility and control.  See how her ripped abs lead you to her smooth, shaved pussy, which I’m sure has ridiculously worked up muscle control, too!

Shemuscle Ironfire

Muscle Babe Dominique Legs Workout

shemuscle girls
Dominique wasn’t interested in winning prom queen or becoming a supermodel – she just wanted to go the gym and have some fun! Now she’s one of the top bodybuilders in the world, but that hasn’t curbed her appetite for beauty. Now this gorgeous, densely-muscled lady is horny and ready to fuck! Some of her best assets are her serious calves and thighs – thick, muscled legs capable of spreading wide and staying that way for a nice, long time! Dominique may like to start off teasing by modeling her firm ass, tight abs and bouncing breasts, but she ends with a ferocious masturbation session like no other!

Shemuscle Workouts

Sexy Ashlee Chambers and Her Huge Clit

ashlee chambers shemuscle

There are several things about Ashlee Chambers that are bigger than normal – her giant, firm breasts; her massive, thick biceps; and, of course, her huge, throbbing clit! Ashlee isn’t just a huge, muscled sexy woman – she is the kind that stays in your dreams for life! You’ll love to see her model ever firm curve, but the best part comes when Ashlee gets down to business – and reveals her huge, sensitive clit! From teasing and touching it to putting her fingers deep inside her pussy, Ashlee knows exactly how to work her impressive snatch. All she needs from you is to watch, learn, and just enjoy the show!

Huge Clit Videos

Big Clit Porn Featuring Carmella Cueton

shemuscle carmella
Carmella Cureton was tired of getting shit from stupid guys, so she took matters into her own hands – building up her body into a jerk-fighting machine! Lucky for you, though, she also likes a rough time in bed, and she’s ready to masturbate just for you! With her gorgeous ebony body spread out across a white-sheeted bed, you’ll see every inch of her muscular arms, luxurious legs and giant breasts. She’ll flex her biggest muscles before finally sliding her fingers down onto her gigantic clit! The sex drive in this bodybuilding queen is almost too much to handle – think you can take her on
Carmella Cureton Videos

Muscle Girl Vivian Sexy Flexing Video

shemuscle vivian

Some women just know how to keep the perfect balance of feminine grace and masculine strength – and Vivian is just that girl! The muscles may not be bulging, but this beautiful babe knows exactly how to keep her body toned, fit and strong. With both slim curves and lean muscle, you can bet she’s able to do a lot more in bed than your average pretty princess. In her tight shirt and black thong, Vivian will workout hard at the gym before stripping down and working twice as hard – on her big, luscious clit! Ever wonder how a tough girl gets down and dirty on herself? Join Vivian to find out!

SheMuscle Videos