Megan Avalon and Trixie Flexing and Fucking

shemsucle megan avalon

When Megan and Trixie met at a bodybuilding competition, they thought their relationship would be strictly platonic. After a couple of drinks, though, their competitive edge led them to the bedroom, where they try out a new competition – who can make the other girl come harder? Big breasts touch and tongues lick ever inch and crevasse as this blonde and brunette flirt, tease and fuck. Though the girls are strong, the mood is sensual, and even playful – the girls even play around in doggy style and cowboy ride positions! When it comes right down to it, these girls want to win the bet – and make the other girl cum hard!

Shemuscle Megan and Trixie

Fit Jess Naked Shemuscle

fitjess shemuscle

Jess is one of the hottest fitness girls we’ve come across over the last few weeks. She is ripped with amazing abs and the best big tits ever. She is a great  at doing pose downs and flexing her biceps. The best part about this fit babe is that she is not afraid to get naked the least bit. I mean she certainly enjoys showing off her pussy and big clitoris. Her legs don’t quit and her face and eyes are just completely stunning. This She muscle girl is a perfect ten. Thanks for letting us do the photo shoot and video Jess. We really enjoyed it!

Fit Jess She Muscle

Angela Salvano The Shemuscle Ripped Babe


Let me tell you folks something…Angela Salvano is absolutely georgous! This brunette may be one of the hottest she muscle girls we’d had model for us in a long time! Angela has really big biceps and nice pretty fake tits. Her legs are next to perfect and her ass and pussy are tighter than ever. If you are a big fan of Shemuscle glutes then you’ll love what this muscle babe has in store for you!

Angela Salvano Shemuscle

Larissa Reis Blonde Sexy Fitness Babe

larissa reis
Okay everyone…if you’ve never heard of Larissa Reis then you muct be living under a rock! This shemuscle fitness babe is absolutely amazing. Larissa has sexy blonde hair and big biceps to match her big fake tits. This fitness superstar also has awesome abs. She was flexing in her bikini for us the other day. If you like blonde fit girls you’ll love this one for sure!

Larissa Reis Shemuscle

Fitness Babe Davina Doing Legs

shemuscle davina

Davina is a sexy fitness model featured on SheMuscle this month. She has incredible abs and legs. Her ass is so perfect too. Davina decided to join us for a photoshoot to workout her ass and legs. She was doing squats and leg curls that were unbelievable. When she was on the leg curl machine her butt just popped out perfectly. I love Davina and I know you will enjoy the video and pictures we have for you!

SheMuscle Davina

Sexy Muscle Woman Bea

bea shemuscle

Bea is a sexy skinny muscle woman that loves flexing and working out on camera. She has absolutely amazing abs and shoulders. Her fake tits were bulging as she knocked out a bunch of reps using some dumbells. Trust me, you have not seen abs like this in a long time and we even got Fitness babe Bea naked in this photoshoot. Bea is welcome back to SheMuscle any time she wants!

Shemuscle Bea

Amber Steel and All Natural KO

Amber Steel and Natural KO

Amber Steel and Natural KO are two hot she muscle girls that we absolutely love. These women are buff and beautiful with perfect muscles. We filmed these two strong women in crazy nude poses and kinky fun action. Amber has nice big tits and she was pressing them against KO’s face to the point of making her want to suck them. They rubbed each others pussies as they posed and reached climax. It was a shemuscle dream come true!


Tazzie Colomb Posing Topless

tazzie colomb naked

Tazzie Colomb is one of the hottest female bodybuilders out there today. She has some seriously amazing glutes and legs. Her biceps are fucking awesome as well. She loves posing for us topless whenever she can. Normally she doesn’t have the chance to get naked and buffed up but with shemuscle she gets thereal opportunity to get naked and pumped up! Tazzie you are such a beautiful woman. We love you!

Tazzie Colomb Topless

Rica Suavecita Posing Topless

rica suavecita

Rica has huge tits and she absolutely loves working out and training with her tits exposed. She has an amazing rack and bulging biceps that make me hard just thinking about her flexing. Rica was working out in the She Muscle Gym the other day and she had a few nip slips on purpose. We were very excited about this. He ass is also amazing and the veins that pop when she flexes are outrageous. Rica we love you at Shemuscle and we look forward to your return one day soon.

Rica Suavecita Posing

Roxanne Edwards Naked Flexing Her Legs

Roxanne Edwards

Ebony female bodybuilder Roxanne Edwards decided to get completely naked for us today. Roxanne has the most insane and amazing abs of steel ever. This 6 pack is seriously outrageous. She also has sexy muscular legs and is very vascualr. Roxanne likes to have sex on video when she isn’t posing and pumping iron! I love black muscle girls like Roxanne Edwards!

Roxanne Edwards