Rachel at She Muscle

shemuscle rachel
Pierced and tatted hottie Rachel is hitting the gym today to work on her already incredibly sculpted body. This hot body builder has a tattoo on her hip bone, a pierced belly button and pierced nipples and loves to stay in shape so she has no shame showing it all off. From her incredibly large and defined breasts to her glorious ass she is the essence of bodily perfection and she knows it. She works out her guns topless, letting her tits move up and down with every rep as you watch this work of perfection make herself just that much better. As she sweats she loses what little clothing she has on and you will not want to miss seeing where else she has got tattoos.

Shemuscle Rachel

Muscle Girl Vivian Sexy Flexing Video

shemuscle vivian

Some women just know how to keep the perfect balance of feminine grace and masculine strength – and Vivian is just that girl! The muscles may not be bulging, but this beautiful babe knows exactly how to keep her body toned, fit and strong. With both slim curves and lean muscle, you can bet she’s able to do a lot more in bed than your average pretty princess. In her tight shirt and black thong, Vivian will workout hard at the gym before stripping down and working twice as hard – on her big, luscious clit! Ever wonder how a tough girl gets down and dirty on herself? Join Vivian to find out!

SheMuscle Videos

Rica Suavecita Posing Topless

rica suavecita

Rica has huge tits and she absolutely loves working out and training with her tits exposed. She has an amazing rack and bulging biceps that make me hard just thinking about her flexing. Rica was working out in the She Muscle Gym the other day and she had a few nip slips on purpose. We were very excited about this. He ass is also amazing and the veins that pop when she flexes are outrageous. Rica we love you at Shemuscle and we look forward to your return one day soon.

Rica Suavecita Posing

Irene Andersen Female Nude Bodybuilder

irene andersen
Irene Andersen is a serious female bodybuilder with insanely bulging veins and muscles. This sexy bodybuilder loves posing after pumping up in the gym and getting her six-pack filmed on video. Irene is one of the most muscular and vascular shemuscle girls on this planet. You will love watching her pose and show off her nipples and muscles!

Shemuscle Girls

Area Orion She Muscle Fantasy

area orion shemuscle

Area Orion is famous for fantasy muscle! We love fantasy muscle girls here at Shemuscle Girls. If the girl has bigger muscles its always better in our eyes. Most of the girls that he transforms are so realistic and amazing. If any of the females that Area Orion created actaully existed they would definitely be on Shemuscle! Female Muscle fantasy is the best thing ever!

Shemuscle Amazon Girls

Blonde Melissa at the She Muscle Gym

melissa shemuscle
We have Melissa here for you today and she has some samazing abs! This blonde fitness girl was posing in the Shemuscle gym the other day and I have to say I like the big biceps on her as well! Melissa has a tight body loves wearing really cute shorts that show off her butt while working out. We had so much fun with Melissa and we hope she comes back to workout again soon with us!

Shemuscle Melissa

Maryse Shemuscle Abs and Tits

Maryse Shemuscle

Mayres has huge fake tits and rock hard abs. This female bodybuilder is absolutely amazing and she certainly knows how to flex her beautiful pecs. Maryse loves posing and pumping iron nude all the time. She has a nice clit too. After all what’s not to like about a blonde female bodybuilder with a perfect body and amazing abs. I love this muscle girl! Maryse you made my day today!

She Muscle Maryse

Muscle Bombshell Blonde Marika Johannsson at SheMuscle

shemuscle musclebombshell

This is the blond MuscleBombshell and she is here to show off her perfect muscles for us! Her name is Marika Johannsson and she was such a treat for us to do a video shoot with. We put her in this black tiny bra and panties. Her biceps were bulging and her glutes were very strong. Marika had her huge tits bulging out as well and with the small bikini or whatever kind of top we put on her was so next to nothing it was ridiculous. I love this female bodybuilder and the other sexy muscle girls from Shemuscle!

Marika Johannsson Shemuscle