Amanda Latona IFBB Muscle Girl Photos

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I don’t normally get this excited about fitness models but Amanda Latona is one of the hottest IFBB fitness pro models I’ve ever seen in my entire life! In fact, she might be the best fitness model on the face of this earth and she’s definitely a Shemuscle girl that I’d love to workout nude with. She’s won a significant number of female bodybuilding shows and is definitely an amazing trainer.  Here is a portfolio of some of her hottest Shemuscle photos, many of which she’s taken herself. I absolutely love Amanda Latona!

Nude IFBB Muscle Girls

IFBB Michelle Falsetta Porn

shemuscle michelle falsetta
Michelle Falsetta is a female body builder who is proud of the fact that she is a woman in the field and loves showing off her sculpted feminine body. She shows up to the gym in a mesh bikini top that shows her rock hard brown nipples and tits, not caring who sees the work of art that is her body. She throws her hands above her head and stretches, making sure to move slowly so everyone can see her perfect form. She struts over to the barbells and begins to do rep after rep, adding more and more weight to show that this beautiful blonde body builder is worth the weight.

She Muscle Bombshell

msucle bombshell shemuscle
Blonde bombshell MuscleBombshell truly lives up to her name, with her incredibly built body and hot, hot, hot face! This lady is a true package and she wants to show you exactly how hard she can make you with one look at her incredibly hard body. She invites you into her room in nothing but a tiny bikini that barely covers her massive tits, holding those muscle clad tatas together in the most precarious way, making the mouthwatering begin instantly. She flexes her huge arm muscles, showing how sculpted her perfect body is, before removing the bikini to show it all free of clothes and in the flesh.

Shemuscle Videos

Sexy Muscle Girl Carla

she msucle carla

Carla invites you to smack her rock hard ass in this white hot video.  Watch this rock hard honey bend over and compel you to join her in slapping her insanely toned glutes.  Carla is a vision of feminine power as her built up muscles bulge out of her pretty green and black lingerie.  She turns around to show off her rippled cobra back and nipped little waist under her swishing mane of dark hair, and then gives you an eyeful of her ridiculously powerful thighs and chiseled calves.  She poses and flexes that tatted and shredded body just for you.

She Muscle Carla

Muscle Bombshell Blonde Marika Johannsson at SheMuscle

shemuscle musclebombshell

This is the blond MuscleBombshell and she is here to show off her perfect muscles for us! Her name is Marika Johannsson and she was such a treat for us to do a video shoot with. We put her in this black tiny bra and panties. Her biceps were bulging and her glutes were very strong. Marika had her huge tits bulging out as well and with the small bikini or whatever kind of top we put on her was so next to nothing it was ridiculous. I love this female bodybuilder and the other sexy muscle girls from Shemuscle!

Marika Johannsson Shemuscle

Brandimae Here Pretty Kitty


In the gym, Brandimae shows why she’s a SheMuscle favorite, posing to show off her beautiful biceps, ripped abs and superb legs, wearing a hot red cut-out bra and taking off her gym shorts so you can see her pretty kitty warming the bench. You even get a look at her sexy feet. This is one muscle girl that has such an amazing body filled with muscles. Brandimae gets naked and poses with her perfect ass and pussy exposed. This female body builder is absolutely amazing in my opinion!

Shemuscle Brandimae