Super Fit Yoga Babe Larissa Reis

larissa reis
Larissa Reis has the drive of an athletic beast wrapped up in the body of a truly gorgeous woman. Larissa starts with a brisk run on a serene mountain road in a neon bikini, and follows it up with a yoga routine worthy of a bruise when your jaw hits the floor when you watch it. Watch her do crazy flexible yoga poses and stretches against a mountain backdrop as beautiful as she is. She poses, stretches, and extends her drop dead body to show off her perfectly sculpted biceps, triceps, abs, thighs and glutes. Keep up the good work, Larissa!

Larissa Reiss

Sexy Ashlee Chambers and Her Huge Clit

ashlee chambers shemuscle

There are several things about Ashlee Chambers that are bigger than normal – her giant, firm breasts; her massive, thick biceps; and, of course, her huge, throbbing clit! Ashlee isn’t just a huge, muscled sexy woman – she is the kind that stays in your dreams for life! You’ll love to see her model ever firm curve, but the best part comes when Ashlee gets down to business – and reveals her huge, sensitive clit! From teasing and touching it to putting her fingers deep inside her pussy, Ashlee knows exactly how to work her impressive snatch. All she needs from you is to watch, learn, and just enjoy the show!

Huge Clit Videos

Fit Jess Naked Shemuscle

fitjess shemuscle

Jess is one of the hottest fitness girls we’ve come across over the last few weeks. She is ripped with amazing abs and the best big tits ever. She is a great  at doing pose downs and flexing her biceps. The best part about this fit babe is that she is not afraid to get naked the least bit. I mean she certainly enjoys showing off her pussy and big clitoris. Her legs don’t quit and her face and eyes are just completely stunning. This She muscle girl is a perfect ten. Thanks for letting us do the photo shoot and video Jess. We really enjoyed it!

Fit Jess She Muscle

Larissa Reis Blonde Sexy Fitness Babe

larissa reis
Okay everyone…if you’ve never heard of Larissa Reis then you muct be living under a rock! This shemuscle fitness babe is absolutely amazing. Larissa has sexy blonde hair and big biceps to match her big fake tits. This fitness superstar also has awesome abs. She was flexing in her bikini for us the other day. If you like blonde fit girls you’ll love this one for sure!

Larissa Reis Shemuscle

Area Orion She Muscle Fantasy

area orion shemuscle

Area Orion is famous for fantasy muscle! We love fantasy muscle girls here at Shemuscle Girls. If the girl has bigger muscles its always better in our eyes. Most of the girls that he transforms are so realistic and amazing. If any of the females that Area Orion created actaully existed they would definitely be on Shemuscle! Female Muscle fantasy is the best thing ever!

Shemuscle Amazon Girls

Blonde Melissa at the She Muscle Gym

melissa shemuscle
We have Melissa here for you today and she has some samazing abs! This blonde fitness girl was posing in the Shemuscle gym the other day and I have to say I like the big biceps on her as well! Melissa has a tight body loves wearing really cute shorts that show off her butt while working out. We had so much fun with Melissa and we hope she comes back to workout again soon with us!

Shemuscle Melissa

Maryse Shemuscle Abs and Tits

Maryse Shemuscle

Mayres has huge fake tits and rock hard abs. This female bodybuilder is absolutely amazing and she certainly knows how to flex her beautiful pecs. Maryse loves posing and pumping iron nude all the time. She has a nice clit too. After all what’s not to like about a blonde female bodybuilder with a perfect body and amazing abs. I love this muscle girl! Maryse you made my day today!

She Muscle Maryse

Blonde Genie Glutes at Shemuscle


This is blonde fitness babe Genie and we had fun watching her workout in nothing but sneakers. She was doing glutes and hamstrings and her ass looked amazing while doing the leg curls. What a fucking hot fitness babe she is. I loved it when she was doing squats too. He pussy and big clit were out in the open and it made me want to cum right there. Shemuscle girls are all stunning and love working out and flexing naked.

Shemuscle Model Genie

Lisa Cross Topless Posing

Lisa Cross Topless

Oh my goodness, Lisa Cross is such a muscular yet sexy female bodybuilder. She came to visit us for a private posing recently and she was ever so stunning. Her biceps and vascularity was unbelievable. I love blond girls too. This shemuscle model is one of many muscular girls we have. Lisa does have nice tits too. They are big and fake and beautiful. After her posing routine she showed off her pussy while doing some sexy exercises on video. Thank you for being so beautiful Lisa Cross. We love you!

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