Super Fit Yoga Babe Larissa Reis

larissa reis
Larissa Reis has the drive of an athletic beast wrapped up in the body of a truly gorgeous woman. Larissa starts with a brisk run on a serene mountain road in a neon bikini, and follows it up with a yoga routine worthy of a bruise when your jaw hits the floor when you watch it. Watch her do crazy flexible yoga poses and stretches against a mountain backdrop as beautiful as she is. She poses, stretches, and extends her drop dead body to show off her perfectly sculpted biceps, triceps, abs, thighs and glutes. Keep up the good work, Larissa!

Larissa Reiss

Larissa Reis Blonde Sexy Fitness Babe

larissa reis
Okay everyone…if you’ve never heard of Larissa Reis then you muct be living under a rock! This shemuscle fitness babe is absolutely amazing. Larissa has sexy blonde hair and big biceps to match her big fake tits. This fitness superstar also has awesome abs. She was flexing in her bikini for us the other day. If you like blonde fit girls you’ll love this one for sure!

Larissa Reis Shemuscle