Jennifer Chamberlin at Shemuscle

jennifer chamberlin

Jennifer Chamberlin reminds us a bit of that hot chick on the X Files, only totally ripped and not hidden under a dark suit.  With that auburn hair, sparkling eyes, Jennifer comes to us in a delicious haze of feminine power and commanding mystique.  Watch her tanned, silky skin stretch over her artfully defined muscles and her contoured six pack accented with a pierced navel undulate in her pretty black, thong.  And that smooth, gorgeous ass is just as mouth watering as those glorious tits.  Jennifer stars in a special show you’ll want to watch over and over again!

Bethany Howlett Diamond Girl

Bethany Howlett

Have you ever been attracted to a seriously in shape sexy fitness babe? Well, then you are not alone and certainly Bethany Howlett stands at the top of this category. Bethany Howlett spent the day with us working out and as you can see she had very little covering her amazing tits. In fact, this hot fitness girl went topless and showed off her tits and ass while we filmed her. She has amazing legs and great looking tits. I love all these muscle girls at Shemuscle Girls! They are so extrordinary and sexy.

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