Shemuscle Skylar Likes Sex

she muscle skylar
Skylar is one sexy babe with muscles in all the right places. She is one of the she muscle girls that really has it all. She is beautiful and has a body to die for. Unfortunately she has a boyfriend, but lucky for us she is eager to show him what she has and in turn we get to see it too! Those firm perky tits with those delectable nipples and that washboard tummy with those long muscular legs that lead up to her tight firm ass. She loves flexing her muscles and if her boyfriend isn’t careful he may the spanking of his life!

Shemuscle Skylar

Bodybuilder Ironfire Topless Workout

shemuscle girls

Ironfire is red hot, and ready to share her insane heat with you.  Watch her long blonde hair brush against her shredded shoulders as she expertly poses and flexes in the gym to give you a very private show.  You won’t believe the power and size of those powerful pecs, flared lats, and bulging biceps.  She even has muscles in those gorgeous tits, which she shows off in an amazing display of muscular ability, agility and control.  See how her ripped abs lead you to her smooth, shaved pussy, which I’m sure has ridiculously worked up muscle control, too!

Shemuscle Ironfire

Tazzie Colomb Posing Topless

tazzie colomb naked

Tazzie Colomb is one of the hottest female bodybuilders out there today. She has some seriously amazing glutes and legs. Her biceps are fucking awesome as well. She loves posing for us topless whenever she can. Normally she doesn’t have the chance to get naked and buffed up but with shemuscle she gets thereal opportunity to get naked and pumped up! Tazzie you are such a beautiful woman. We love you!

Tazzie Colomb Topless

Rica Suavecita Posing Topless

rica suavecita

Rica has huge tits and she absolutely loves working out and training with her tits exposed. She has an amazing rack and bulging biceps that make me hard just thinking about her flexing. Rica was working out in the She Muscle Gym the other day and she had a few nip slips on purpose. We were very excited about this. He ass is also amazing and the veins that pop when she flexes are outrageous. Rica we love you at Shemuscle and we look forward to your return one day soon.

Rica Suavecita Posing

Lisa Cross Topless Posing

Lisa Cross Topless

Oh my goodness, Lisa Cross is such a muscular yet sexy female bodybuilder. She came to visit us for a private posing recently and she was ever so stunning. Her biceps and vascularity was unbelievable. I love blond girls too. This shemuscle model is one of many muscular girls we have. Lisa does have nice tits too. They are big and fake and beautiful. After her posing routine she showed off her pussy while doing some sexy exercises on video. Thank you for being so beautiful Lisa Cross. We love you!

Shemuscle Models

All Natural KO Topless

All Natural KO

All Natural KO is one of the toughest hottest girls in the shemuscle world. She was super excited to do this photo shoot with us and we were happy she spent the day too. We ended up getting her completely naked and having her pose in strange positions. KO also did her famous watermelon squeeze trick for us as well. We really love this chick. She’s a wrestler and in great shape plus loves to workout and so her body off. It’s amazing.

All Natural KO at Shemuscle

Bethany Howlett Diamond Girl

Bethany Howlett

Have you ever been attracted to a seriously in shape sexy fitness babe? Well, then you are not alone and certainly Bethany Howlett stands at the top of this category. Bethany Howlett spent the day with us working out and as you can see she had very little covering her amazing tits. In fact, this hot fitness girl went topless and showed off her tits and ass while we filmed her. She has amazing legs and great looking tits. I love all these muscle girls at Shemuscle Girls! They are so extrordinary and sexy.

Shemuscle Girls